Our Process

We extensively use synthetic aperture radar data from satellites to perform differential interferometric processing using several advanced techniques to obtain surface deformation patterns. These are combined with land cover and land use maps derived from other optical Earth observation data. The Earth observation data is complimented by extensive field observations with high precision positioning equipment and other geohydrological and soil quality data. By combining the information from multiple sources, we provide a continuous monitoring and recommendation system to help the customers in making informed decisions about their projects. Land deformation patterns seen in Abu Dhabi, where red and orange colors indicate high risk zones due to major deformation

We Provide

Continuous monitoring and timely recommendations to customers
Customized solutions tailored to the needs of the customers be it
monitoring wide areas or individual houses

What sets us apart

Advanced machine learning algorithms
Focus on intense field validation
Multi-disciplinary team capable of analyzing a wide
range of data modalities both for processing
and applications analysis


Continuous monitoring to provide ground stability indicators

Advanced Geospatial Analysis

Processing of multi-source geospatial data using advanced algorithms


Ayn Astra provides a land deformation monitoring platform which makes use of satellite data


To monitor any deformation close
to individual houses


To monitor land deformation patterns
in farm areas


To monitor deformation
in wide areas

Our Team

We work to maximize production yield with efficient and sustainable farming
Dr. Prajowal Manandhar
Dr. Prajowal Manandhar
Tech Lead – Application Development
Dr. Nikolaos Lisosis
Dr. Nikolaos Lisosis
Tech Lead - Remote Sensing
Adham Alkhaja
Adham Alkhaja
Business Development and Outreach
Dr. Prashanth Marpu
Dr. Prashanth Marpu
Technical Manager

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Krypto Labs

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